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A river flows eastward in spring

2020-01-02 11:16

A river flows eastward in spring

——New year's speech in 2020

Tao Yishan


1、 Make a dream in the year of the pig

Time flies! In the new 30 years, it's just one year since we started to pursue our dreams again. The bell of 2020 new year is ringing again!

"Trs313 dream project" has been launched in full swing, and the long-term values of "love, trust and commitment" are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, creating value for customer satisfaction, creating value for the development of the company and creating value for the growth of employees! In the cold winter and the heat, we are on the way to the mountains and build bridges across the water, day and night

In this year, in order to depict the beautiful dream of "trs313 dream project" as "strategic map", find the implementation path according to the "strategic map", and then master the project system methodology of efficient promotion, we are thirsty for knowledge, unity of knowledge and practice, bold exploration and innovation! In order to enhance our "brain power", we set up TRS dream pursuit reading club and read classic books; we went to Tsinghua University to learn new knowledge and explore the direction of growth; we traveled thousands of miles to find talents' wisdom, and we hired four international and domestic consulting agencies to provide external brain support; this year, I led my team to the four little dragons in Asia, Japan, to seek Oriental Confucian wisdom and Western science He flew to North America and the United States to discuss the whole gene breeding cooperation and molecular nutrition application of international breeding enterprises and biological companies; he went to Denmark breeding kingdom in northern Europe to explore joint breeding; he caught up with Western Europe and Germany to learn the successful way of one hundred year invisible champion enterprises; and then he went to Israel in the Middle East to learn from Jewish commercial rules. This year, we took 108 flights and high-speed rail, with a journey of 128000 kilometers and more than three circles around the earth. Because of our dream, we ran

This year, we not only put forward the great dream of "trs313 dream project", but also released the long-term values of TRS. More importantly, this year, we drew a strategic map of dream realization, found the implementation path of the strategy, and learned the methodology of project implementation A group of young scholars, including professors and postgraduates of Peking University, are gathering in Peking University to pursue their dreams! The mechanism of business partner has been put into operation, and the management mode has been constantly innovated. The "two wheel drive mode", the five steps to achieve the goal, the smart principle promoted by the project system, and lean management have been comprehensively tried out. A brave, belligerent, competitive and computable high-energy organization is growing day by day.

This year, we have been running in pursuit of our dreams in a full and steady way. The coordination of our brain, waist and leg strength is becoming stronger and stronger!


2、 A thousand sails pass by the side of the sunken boat

Since the outbreak of African swine fever on August 3 last year, what we didn't expect this year was the violent outbreak of the epidemic, which destroyed and destroyed pig farms, big and small, like a mountain falling apart. From north to south, from east to west, 29 provinces and autonomous regions were ravaged, and 70% of pig farms in some cities and counties were completely destroyed. For a time, the government had no way to deal with it, and the pig farm owners were struggling with life and death, and they wanted to cry without tears. The man who has learned the truth of death has to stand the test of death

This year, the pig farmers of the Tang Dynasty, under the pressure of the epidemic situation, did not rely on the weather or the ground, relying on scientific epidemic prevention processes and means. How many pig farmers fight in the front line of pig breeding, patrolling in turn all night long, facing the severe heat and cold, without leaving a trace of details. In order to guard against the disease, they even gave up family reunion for one year, cancelled birthday celebrations for their parents and gave up Party of friends. How many feed salesmen ran around the front line of swine epidemic prevention day and night. How many meat workers conduct day and night prosecutions to ensure the safety of pork They are the most respectable and praiseworthy heroes. Thank them! Salute them! The organizations and soldiers who have experienced this baptism will be able to block our progress in any difficulties and dangers in the future? We always believe that Nietzsche once said a classic: "only those who have experienced hell can have the ability to build heaven." This non plague will change the competitive pattern of China's breeding industry, and will also change people's consumption habits. The development strategy of Tang Renshen's whole industrial chain ecological development to resist risks will be further proved by practice. If we survive, are we afraid of no future? The new era of "a thousand sails by the side of a sunken boat and thousands of trees in front of a sick tree" is calling on us to continue to break the waves!


3、 A river flows eastward in spring

The rare and sudden non plague has brought unpredictable changes to China's pig industry, feed industry and consumption habits. According to the prediction of relevant authoritative organizations, in the next five years, half of the pig farms and feed enterprises will be closed or transferred to production. The remaining pig farms and feed factories are either "gold" or "silver". The right way is to ask you how much worry you can have, just like a river flowing eastward.

Risks and opportunities coexist. Master Peng Jianfeng, one of the six men who drafted the basic law of Huawei, Professor of Renmin University of China, and chairman of Huaxia cornerstone management consulting company, once warned us that the great landlords and rich men came into being after the great famine and disaster years. The gods and men of Tang Dynasty should seize this rare opportunity in a thousand years and actively integrate into the rare development torrent to be used as Huawei in agriculture and animal husbandry industry It is only a matter of time before we become the leader of the agriculture and animal husbandry industry!

In this year, under great external pressure, we started to build industrial chain projects of 1 million pigs, 1 million slaughtering and 300000 tons of feed in Wushan, Tianshui, Gansu, Lufeng, Henan, Nanle, and Huayuan, Xiangxi. Projects in Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong, Shandong and Inner Mongolia are under preparation.

This year, the project of 500000 Longhua top grade pork and 300000 tons of biological feed in Longhua, Hunan Province and 300000 tons of biological feed in Qinzhou, Guangxi Province were put into operation on schedule; the 300000 tons aquatic product project in Jiangxi Province was started on schedule; the largest aquatic feed project with an annual output of 450000 tons in Hannan, Wuhan was coming to an end

This year, the six major artificial intelligence pig breeding projects led by five academicians were officially launched, and the company's convertible bond project of 1.25 billion yuan was about to be completed.

In this year, the 60 million Longhua Shangpin education poverty alleviation fund of Tang Renshen was established and funded 215 poor students to help them complete their university dream


Time is easy to grow old, but one's original intention will not change; ten thousand years is too long, seize the day and the night. In this hopeful spring is coming, how many worries do you have? Spring water flows eastward, long wind and waves will sometimes, straight cloud sail Jicang sea!

Spring is coming, will the autumn of dream harvest be far away? Dear TRS partners, let's work together!


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