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Because of persistence, so great

2020-02-19 10:38

Because of persistence, so great

——To TRS dreamer

Tao Yishan

In the past 30 years, our comrades in arms have been riding the stars and wearing the moon. They have been running day and night, and good news has been reported frequently However, African swine fever, responsible virus, and the recently popular coronavirus have repeatedly suppressed our progress. At this moment, a famous saying said by Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, which has made me unforgettable in my lifelong pursuit of dreams, has repeatedly sounded in my ears: greatness is made up! Endure need time, endure need to insist! "Because of persistence, so great" is the motto of my whole life. Please believe that time will live up to the people of Tang Dynasty who always insist on pursuing dreams.


As long as you have a dream

You just need to map out the strategy

As long as you carefully choose the path of advancement

As long as you find the entry point of the implementation path

As long as you act on the methodology

As long as you stick to it

It's just a matter of time when dreams come true

Even if the wind blows against it

We should also stick to climbing

Management can't teach

Unless you want to learn it yourself

Business studies can't

Unless you want to make money

If you plough hard, you will get results

Heaven rewards diligence, and things will come true


We should actively and constantly recognize ourselves

Strive to learn from books, experts and the scene

Constantly leap forward

Professional trap

The trap of interpersonal communication

The trap of authenticity

Be proactive and constantly aware of change

Benchmarking cognitive gap

Change old self cognition

Develop cognitive change action plan

Constantly leap forward

Self righteous trap

The trap of fixed thinking

Wait and see trap

We should promote cognitive action immediately

Try to act first and then adjust

Collaborative action team

The aim of action is to create value

Constantly leap forward

The trap of blind action

The trap of fighting alone

The trap of giving up halfway


The smallest difference between people is IQ

The biggest difference between people is persistence

We must believe in the power of persistence

A drop of water can wear a stone

An iron pestle can be ground into a needle

This is the power of persistence

Believe in the magic of time

What have you planted in the soil of time

What will you gain in the future

Time will live up to your efforts

I will not let you down

As long as you start with good habit control

Actively eliminate the responsibility virus

Join hands with comrades in charge

You can be a hero's fighter

Because of persistence, so great

(January 2020)


Persistence makes great

——Appreciation of "greatness because of persistence"

In the early morning, reading the poem "because of persistence, so great", deep resonance. "Even if the wind blows against the wind, we should insist on climbing", "the smallest difference between people is IQ, and the biggest difference between people is persistence". Great is boil out, endure need time, endure need persistence! "Because of persistence, so great..." The poetry is characterized by refined writing, meticulous logic, high style, profound meaning and full of fighting passion. It can be described as the deep integration of "talent, pattern and vision", and expounds a straightforward and profound philosophy "Because of persistence, so great.".

The author is Mr. Tao Yishan, the founder and chairman of a listed company in agriculture and animal husbandry industry,   Because of the pursuit of dreams and perseverance, it has written a brilliant chapter in the development history of China's agriculture and animal husbandry industry. Based on the author's 30 years of experience in meritorious service and career, the author made a poem   The words are unique and new, and the expression is different. After reading, they are full of vitality.

Opening of the first paragraph of the poem : What do you insist on ? The author points out to the point : Stick to your dream ! Persist in action and struggle ! There is a dream, but also describes the implementation of the strategic map, choose the path to promote, to find the entry point of the implementation path, at the same time, according to the method to discuss the action. "As long as you are willing to take actions for your dreams, as long as you can carry out these actions firmly, then it is only a matter of time before dreams come true. Even if the wind blows against the wind, we should persist in climbing.".

What is the author's dream ? It is the original intention of him to establish the enterprise, which is the God of Tang Dynasty   Responsibility and mission. In order to dream, Tang people are gods  30 Take root in agriculture, animal husbandry and food industry, from a   Feed factory to "Biological feed, healthy breeding, brand meat, emerging plate, capital development exhibition ”Five industries go hand in hand, and "strive to be the most outstanding agriculture, animal husbandry and food industry chain enterprise", which is the persistence of the god man of Tang Dynasty.

We all know the strength of persistence, but few persevere. Why ? Many pitfalls and temptations, many frustrations and vacillations, a lot of helplessness, and a lot of self righteous, make persistence often become a bubble. We know that you can't teach management unless you want to learn; you can't learn business unless you want to make money. If you plough hard and do not deceive, you will get a result.

The second paragraph of the poem gives the answer : Methods and steps to achieve adherence. "We should actively and constantly recognize ourselves, take the initiative to constantly cognitive change, and immediately promote cognitive action", "constantly transcend professional traps, self righteous traps, fixed thinking traps and views The trap of hope ”"First action and then adjustment, team action, adhere to the creation of value Target action ”"We will continue to overcome the pitfalls of blind action, of fighting alone The trap of giving up halfway ”…… These are the concrete methods that can be carried out persistently. Only when there is a dream or a beginning, can we insist on it all the time. Only by mastering the scientific method can we really stick to it. By learning from books, from experts and from the scene, we can recognize ourselves, cross the trap and act actively. As long as we master such methods and steps, we will be able to successfully adhere to it. Such a method, for many people who want to insist but are difficult to adhere to, is no different from a good medicine.

With the dream and the goal of persistence, we understand the method of persistence. Next, the author again emphasizes the secret of persistence in the last paragraph "Temper perseverance, believe in time", such persistence, will certainly cast great.

The third paragraph of the poem says "The smallest difference between people is intelligence quotient, and people are the most   The big difference is persistence. We must believe in the power of persistence ”"Believe in the magic of time, what you planted in the soil of time, what you will harvest sooner or later, time will live up to your efforts and persistence"

The author Tao Yishan is a man who can persist. thirty Over the years, he insisted on learning, exercising and curiosity.

From automatic control to animal nutrition and feed processing to industrial and commercial management, Tao Yishan has always insisted on learning. Right there two thousand and nineteen Year, sixty Tao Yishan's trip  10 ten thousand  8 Thousand kilometers, high speed rail one hundred and eight He has traveled around the world for more than three times. He has participated in Tsinghua Chuangling China President class to learn new knowledge, learn from domestic first-class consulting companies, and went to Japan, the United States and Denmark   Maltese, Germany, Israel and other developed countries in the East and the West learn how to operate and manage enterprises.   He used to say "In the past, it was never too old to learn, but now it's only when you learn that you can live forever. For example, the Internet has brought rapid changes. If you don't study, you'd better hold an old mobile phone,   Maybe I can't pay and I can't take a taxi.

Tao Yishan insists on exercising. He insisted on running without interruption. He ran in fine weather, rain, snow, wind and frost. He ran on the train and plane on New Year's Eve. He ran on the other side of the ocean during his study tour in other places. He also ran during the National People's Congress in Beijing. other   People say it doesn't matter if you don't run for a day ? He replied, the ancients "Work their muscles and bones, painstaking their heart and mind" is to temper their will. Decades of exercise like a day is not only exercise, but also exercise What's more, he cultivated his perseverance. He knew that once he relaxed, it would be difficult to persist.

He insisted on curiosity, and always remained curious. He was curious about the rise and fall of enterprises   Ali, Huawei, Xiaomi's success is due to his involvement in the traditional pig industry chain   At the same time, animal husbandry enterprises are full of interest in the Internet. Years ago, he explored Wen   On the way of Zhejiang merchants, the statesmen found the business factors of Wenzhou people, but they were always curious about the commercial rules of Jews. Last year, they flew to Israel to explore and find Jews The business principle of "ask boldly, shameless, and work hard". For Microsoft, Amazon, Motorola Kodak and other American enterprises were curious about their rise and fall, so they flew to the United States again. He said "A man is to be cruel to himself." In his opinion, age is not the standard of youth. Keep your dream, Keep curiosity, keep youth. The real youth is full of dreams, curiosity and exploration.

At the end of the poem, thoughtful readers often ask curiously why Mr. Tao Yishan has such perseverance in learning, exercising and curiosity ? In addition to his ability to control good habits, it turns out that the core of his and Tang Shenren's insistence lies in :

insist thirty In the past few years, I have never changed my mind : Create value for customers, for the company and for employees.

Adhere to the new thirty The great mission of : It is no longer difficult to make money by raising pigs, eating safe and delicious meat for the public, and going to college for poor students.

Adhere to the great dream of fighting for it forever : To be the most outstanding agriculture, animal husbandry and food industry chain enterprise.

Ren Zhengfei of Huawei "Greatness comes from making it! It takes time   Insist on it !”30 Tang people have been dedicated to the achievements of God, and they have also insisted on certain achievements. Under the leadership of the president of Shaoshuai pottery industry, today's Tang people, god man,   open TRS313 Dream project : insist  12 Year, realize one thousand 100 million yuan TRS313 Dream project ”And stick to it twelve To achieve global excellence in twelve year …… If you insist on it, you will never know.

It's a long way to go. Heroes of the Tang Dynasty god soldiers and will be soldiers of the Tang people God man, let's start from good habits, actively eliminate the responsibility virus, join hands to rush forward, forge ahead, and continue to run on the road to success

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