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War situation stimulates new momentum, cloud office creates new value

2020-04-01 20:15

More than 6 million yuan of sales in 5 minutes live broadcast, and more than 20% of online purchasing efficiency has been improved. Online learning, online examination, intelligent pig farm, information office, xiaofengtang cloud order and other "cloud economy" are blooming in spring


War epidemic situation stimulates new momentum   Cloud office creates new value

From the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, the outbreak and spread of new coronavirus have lasted nearly two months; from Wuhan to the whole country, to more than 100 countries in the world, the number of infected people exceeds 300000; the opening of school has been delayed repeatedly, and business activities such as catering and tourism are still difficult to carry out; although the number of domestic and local new zero, but the risk of overseas import increases sharply, the war never stops, and the big test is still on It's going on. But life also needs to continue. The people's pursuit of a better life can not stop, and returning to work and production must be carried forward with heavy load. At the same time, under the situation of anti epidemic situation, the president of yunduan group, as a necessity of farmers, quickly recovered production to meet the needs of farmers Online business online service Online management , seize the "cloud economy" to create new value for customers, for the company and for employees.


Cloud live broadcasting Sales of sausages exceeded 6 million in 5 minutes


Many people are not exposed to pneumonia in daily life. In order to meet the needs of fans to "eat good meat and enhance their resistance", Tang Renshen meat e-commerce Department innovated sales methods and launched live sales. After many times of communication with the "one brother with goods" team, we selected "Wufu" sausage, a special product for e-commerce, from more than 1000 products as the "first broadcast" single product of Tang Renshen e-commerce. At 20:15 on February 8, the first live show was officially launched. 80000 packets of sausages were sold out in one minute, with sales of 1.88 million. On March 8, the same product boarded the live express once again, and the sales reached a new high of 4.5 million, an increase of 139% compared with the previous live broadcast. The two live broadcast sales totaled 6.38 million, and nearly 3000 fans were added. At the same time, it promoted the sales of markets outside the province, and realized the red door of e-commerce in 2020.


Cloud purchasing Online purchasing creates more than 20% efficiency


In view of the situation that office supplies suppliers are not open for business and it is difficult to deliver goods offline during the epidemic period, with the help of Alibaba 1688 e-commerce platform, through the clear responsibility of special personnel and active use of platform inquiry, Hunan Siyang Funeng recruited 182 new suppliers, and promoted online procurement by using the leading Internet and big data technology Performance. Taking the procurement of office equipment and labor protection articles in Xiangxi Meishen new pig farm as an example, the unit price of air conditioning decreased by 529 yuan per set, creating an efficiency of 24%; the unit price of autumn clothes and trousers decreased by 13 yuan per piece, decreased by 24%; winter work clothes decreased by 18 yuan per piece, creating an efficiency of 17%. Air conditioning, work clothes and office desks and chairs have reduced costs by more than 80000 yuan.


Cloud training   Suspension of classes without suspension of school, enabling the front line

During the epidemic period, offline training courses were stopped, but the desire of employees to learn and grow was stronger. How to adjust body and mind to maintain high morale? How do Hubei employees study and work at home? How to promote the original training plan?

Tang Renshen University opened a series of online courses through litchi live broadcasting room. Psychological counseling courses, such as "how to maintain a good mentality", "the direction of attention affects your physical and mental health", "how to turn crisis into opportunity", "how to turn crisis into opportunity in an epidemic situation"; corporate culture reading: such as "struggle because you have a dream", "confidence always happy, people have no self, heaven and earth are wide", "because of persistence, so great"; learning Growth courses, such as "love is the source of work", "lifelong growth", "achievement of the company is to grow oneself", "deliberate practice", etc.; professional skills courses, such as "Xiangda grass carp breeding management points", "grass carp dynamic protection technology promotion service", etc.

Through a series of online courses, employees have a more positive attitude towards the epidemic situation, more skills in visiting customers, improved professional skills, and more confident in communicating with customers. New employees have a deeper understanding and recognition of the company's corporate culture, and the team has become stronger.


Cloud Office Four modernizations of pig farm


The high price of pig drives the rapid development of pig industry. However, in the face of the double pressure of "non crown" and "non plague", pig farms have to be fully closed management.

In order to do a good job in on-site and off-site efficient communication, Meishen business department makes full use of modern information technology to build a mobile digital platform for pig farms based on wechat platform, and expand new network training, communication and working methods.

First, based on the requirements of process, standardization, informatization and tabulation, the "four modernizations classroom" of pig farm has been established. Employees can learn biosafety standard videos and operation instructions on mobile phones according to their post needs. The business department can track the learning situation of employees at any time through the backstage, and use the "online examination" small program to assess the organization and training of personnel in each farm.

Second, based on the six major intelligent pig breeding projects, the "intelligent site selection" version 1.0 is realized on the platform, Through the three weights of economy, environmental protection and epidemic prevention, the site selection of pig farms can be evaluated and scored online to realize the "site selection thousand point system" with the characteristics of Meishen, and the functions of navigation and positioning, online clocking, work notes, operation marks, weather query and other functions are integrated to provide effective management tools for site selection staff.

Third, according to the requirements of epidemic control and the business division, the production visualization screen, pig farm patrol, personnel in and out identification management, pig car washing and drying small procedures were put on-line to realize the management and control of human and vehicle logistics information in emergency and create a safe peripheral environment for the pig farm.


Cloud order Xiaofengtang, leading the new style of urban white-collar catering

During the epidemic period, it was not convenient for customers to go out to eat. In order to meet the customers' demand for TangRenShen delicious food, Changsha xiaofengtang innovated and implemented the new service mode of "self ordering and self taking, group meal delivery", emergency landing on several takeout platforms, launching multi-channel new media advertising of friend circle and shaking sound, and opening the online order function of the store, so as to realize the zero contact and self-service of the store, so as to ensure safety and security. To undertake the group meal business, close distribution, to protect the surrounding companies and enterprises to return to work employees and surrounding residents meal demand, help win the battle of epidemic situation!

In addition, the popularity of xiaofengtang in Changsha has greatly stimulated the expectation of Zhuzhou residents. Xiaofengtang Zhuzhou Tianhong store will open at the end of March, which will lead to a new trend of white-collar catering consumption in Zhuzhou.


"If you ask me where you want to go, the paper boat will burn in the sky by candle light!"

In the spring of blooming flowers, China is determined to win the new coronavirus. The "cloud economy" will become a new driving force for China's economic growth, and the market will surely usher in retaliatory growth after a short period of depression.

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